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Motorcycle Safety Tips

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Riders nationwide prepare to hit the road in warm weather. A motorcycle is cool and...

Riders nationwide prepare to hit the road in warm weather. A motorcycle is cool and fuel-efficient. However, riding a bike is riskier than driving a car. There are many cases of deaths and serious injuries resulting from bike accidents.

Maintain A Safe Distance

Avoid following cars closely and keep a safe distance between the cars at the front and back because they can brake immediately. To prevent crashing, always ensure your brakes and tires are in good order.

Take a Safety Course

Driving a motorcycle requires skills. Through a safety course, you’ll learn road rules and what to do in case of an unexpected situation. Also, make sure you understand the Krasney Law and how to get compensation after an accident.

Avoid Using A Phone

The use of cell phones is among the major distractions on the roads. If you can resist calling or picking up calls, switch off the phone. In addition, avoid driving with the volume up because you can’t hear what’s happening around you.

Learn To” Read” Other Motorists’ Acts

Beware of drivers with erratic conduct. You may notice they are on the phone. Slow down and keep a distance because the driver can turn immediately. Make use of mirrors, drive at the right speed limit, and follow lanes and road signs.

Ride Defensively

Motorbikes are smaller than cars, and they can easily fall into a driver’s black spot. Avoid overtaking carelessly and when changing lanes or making turns, create room for that by keeping your distance.

Be Visible

A study published by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration showed that 75% of motorcycle accidents result from invisibility. Wear reflective clothing and keep your lights on.

Carry One Passenger

It’s fun riding with someone at the back, but you should make sure both of you are comfortable. Also, ensure the passenger knows when you are turning corners or stopping, and wear protective clothing.

Wear Protective Gear

You require minimal equipment when driving a motorcycle to ensure safety and comfort. Among the must-have equipment is a helmet. You can either use a jet or a general. The first one is lighter, ideal for summer because it doesn’t cover the lower face. The second type, general, is recommended because it offers maximum protection.

Inspect Your Motorcycle

It’s crucial to check your motorbike before going for a ride. Ensure the brakes, tire pressure, headlights, and turn signals are in perfect condition. Take a walk around your bike to check for loose bolts or other mechanical issues. Also, take your bike for regular maintenance and care.

Check The Weather

Weather changes can be dangerous for motorbikes because icy and wet roads can make your motorbike lose control. When it rains, you can lose visibility, which poses a danger to you and other motorists. Lack of a windshield and exposure to rain can be dangerous to your health.

Be Focused On The Road

One of the major causes of motorcycle accidents is riding when you aren’t in a good state of mind. Riding angry or when overwhelmed by emotions can be a disaster. Remember, when riding, you have no one to watch over you. If your mind is far away from the road, it’s likely to cause an accident.

Be Sober

Motorcyclists are likely to suffer more in the event of a crash because they don’t have a shield. So, keep off-road when under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This will protect you and other road users.

If riders and drivers adhere to the aforementioned safety tips, accidents cases can drop drastically. Be focused, and don’t assume the other motorist is seeing you. This way, everyone will play their role on the road.

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