March 3, 2024


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3 Preventable Issues Probate Lawyers Solve

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It’s always preferable to have the assistance of a probate attorney before death. However, sometimes...

It’s always preferable to have the assistance of a probate attorney before death. However, sometimes that help is needed after a person’s passing when it becomes challenging to settle the deceased’s accounts properly. Working with a knowledgeable probate lawyer Orlando-based rectifies many preventable issues.

Creditors Come Calling

Once a person passes away, creditors immediately begin assessing any information about the remaining spouse’s assets. A spouse left behind may have only called the creditor to inform them of the passing of the loved one and then find themselves at the end of a line of questions that have nothing to do with the deceased’s death. Working a probate lawyer allows you to handle your wishes for these creditors upfront and provides your spouse with any documentation needed to have more control.

Liens Come in the Mail

Depending on the paperwork processes of the creditors left with money owed, some of them may attempt to force a lien to be attached to your family home, or worse. Whether the creditor is in the right in this is not the issue. You don’t want your family dealing with such situations on top of trying to move forward from your passing. The probate lawyer can help protect your home in more than one way to potentially shield it from attempted latching onto or seizing by corporations with far more legal power and finances than your surviving family.

Someone Challenges the Wealth Distribution

If a will is not written and in place at the time of death, there could be disputes over remaining assets and treasured things. Depending on the personality doing challenging things, the situation can get nasty and unfortunate. A probate lawyer drafts things so that these things become non-negotiable after the fact.

Working with estate lawyers can help you to avoid many preventable issues that arise after someone’s passing. Whether it is making sure the creditors are adequately informed, protecting your home from attempted seizure or lien placement, or settling estate disputes, working with estate attorneys provides invaluable protection for loved ones left behind.

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