July 17, 2024


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Costly Medical Mistakes That Can Change Your Life

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It’s not just that you’re sick or you can’t function anymore. It’s not that your...

It’s not just that you’re sick or you can’t function anymore. It’s not that your loved one isn’t getting better; they seem to be getting worse. The problems to be fixed have either worsened, or a new set of difficulties appeared after their treatments. The symptoms of the second can be related to the first but aren’t always necessary. While doctors make mistakes, being negligent is the key to proving malpractice.

Skipped Handwashing or Disinfecting

Suppose you’ve spent enough time in a hospital waiting area or a hospital room. In that case, you will notice the due diligence that medical practitioners use when using hand sanitizer and washing their hands. However, you may see that a staff member periodically does not use the hand sanitizer at the same regular intervals as their other counterparts. You might also notice that some of them do not change their gloves after touching particular objects and before interacting with a patient. While all hospitals have their own policies and procedures on this, it is not unlikely that a new virus or bacteria could have been transmitted to a vulnerable person during that time.

Wrong Diagnosis

No one is claiming that being a doctor is easy. Doctors spend several years studying and training to excel in their chosen field of medicine. However, it is not unknown that several conditions and situations can have overlapping symptoms. Suppose a doctor is overworked, a hospital has increased a patient load among their practitioners, or the doctor is only used to treating one common condition with those presenting symptoms. In that case, the doctor may not be looking for uncommon conditions. Periodically, this results in the wrong diagnosis of a disease or medical scenario.

Prescribing the Wrong Medication

Sometimes, a medical professional will prescribe the wrong medication or switch a patient to a different brand with other ingredients. If the wrong dosage or the wrong kind of medication is prescribed, it can cause several potentially life-threatening reactions in a patient. It can cause conditions to worsen, and it can also cause a person to have new conditions.

These are just some costly mistakes that can change your life for the worse. If you think you or your loved one has experienced one or more of these scenarios, you should consider consulting with a malpractice attorney Renton-based.

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