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Benefits of an E2 visa

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Internationally, there are millions of people who travel to other countries to spend an extended...

Internationally, there are millions of people who travel to other countries to spend an extended period. Whether it is for work, education, or vacation, you should know that visas are available if you choose to spend more than three months living and working in a foreign country. For instance, the e2 visa Los Angeles-based program is specifically designed for non-immigrant aliens coming into the United States to perform services in a specialty occupation. In most cases, a specialty occupation needs practical and theoretical application of a body of knowledge in professional fields including sciences, engineering, technology, arts, fashion design, education, financial accounting services, requiring expertise. The e-2 visa has the following benefits:

1) Opportunity to work without moving outside the country

The e-2 visa allows you to work in the country for your employer and reports your income as either self-employment or paid employment. That is advantageous as it provides both stability and flexibility if working abroad. You can remain working for your current employer as this visa does not limit the number of years one can work with a single employer. Also, if there is a change in company ownership or structure, you need to find another position with a new company, or lose your job for any reason. You may re-apply to be employed by another company without having to leave the country.

2) Traveling without restrictions

With an e-2 visa, you can travel in and out of the country for short vacations or business trips without having to apply for another visa while outside the country. The e-2 holder can be absent from work for up to 30 days as long as they can reestablish the intent to stay employed within that time frame.

3) The Spouse can get a chance to travel

The spouse of an e-2 visa holder is authorized to travel with their marital partner under a derivative visa known as an E-22. The E -22 allows dependents (spouse or children) to accompany the primary applicant only if they apply for an e-2 visa. However, it does not grant employment rights, nor can it engage in study or training. Spouses of E-2s cannot work unless they qualify under one of the other employment visas available, such as H1B or L1.

4) Work permits

 Family members of e-2 employees may be eligible to receive public schooling “free” in their home country. They should meet the admission requirements of the local school district and pay all required fees.

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